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TK Group (Holdings) Limited HR department highly understandings how important the human resources to a company, depended on the outstanding performance of hiring and alluring talents, salary leverages, promotion,organizational development, construct the company`s culture, we  carried off the honor of Excellent HR Management of China 2017, we continued won the award in 2018.


In order to improve the leaderships of top managements, we booked courses from the renowned leadership consulting companies in the world, plan to raise up our managers, 3 classes including the Personal Career, Managerial Technology, Strategy to Achievement. In the future, company plans to have courses contained that the Innovative thinking, Interpersonal relations, E-Quotient and Planning influential.


We set up a project which called Outstanding Managers in the level D above, the purpose is improving the leaderships of mid-managements, for a better capability of manager`s implementation, we developed the MBTI tests in this training class, Personality Analysis, Daily work, Emergent situation, Working engagement, Strategy to achievement, KPI Management, Empower management, Conflicting management, Personal career, Employing skills, Training skills, Interactive management and Encouragement skills courses.


Torch planning begun at 2013, have successful hosted 4 times consecutively, strengthen manager to be clear positioning their leading roles, boost the correct leading work, sketch correct working objective, time management reasonably, enhancing leading skills.



In order to cultivate more excellent managers for company`s future, build up the talents supplying channels, achieve the General Management Trainee, Marketing Management Trainee, Technical Management Trainee, to connect the developing strategy, TK Group released the TKEL program; The emerging Leader Program.

Currently the TKEL Programs classified 4 items, International trainees, the purpose is hiring and cultivate the mid/top management with international sights. TK trainees, to hire and cultivate the TK character managements. New Star planning, helping the excellent undergraduates to be competent their jobs. TK interns, train them to be very competitive in this field, assist TK to be the best employer.


To give full play to the school education mechanism and enterprise mechanism, the coupling effects of choose and employ persons the dongjiang river together with various technical school established schools and enterprise training skills talents of educational policy, enterprise and school in order to achieve common development together the culture idea of ascension.


Accordance with the company`s strategy and organizational demands, we conducted the Craftsman Planning to exist engineers and technicians, continuously raise up our know-how, support the strategy accomplished, build up the talent pyramids, highlight our technology advantages and enhance the core competitiveness.

We set up the best captains award meant we are going to discover the squad leader`s understanding, implementation, managing know-how and team working skills with members, make them to be experts in their positions via the competitions.

Discover all talents inside TK Group, let the high potential talents into the talent bank, employing committee call for meeting for the high potential talents and key position`s successors planning review in each quarter, discuss those potential talents whether qualified some particular occupation, sustain exploring the high potential talent`s developing status, build up the talent pyramids successfully.

Main 3 factors are technical, marketing and managements making your career developed in TK Group, every year company releases the career development channels, each person can be very clear about your promoting paths according to your strong points. We draft the learning planning for each path you chose, it`s pretty convenient for employees to understand the necessary knowledge and skills they should`ve learned, we also find another way to get them succeed that is cultivate experienced people internally for some vacancies.