Core conceptions:

Enterprise's mission: Keeping our customers successful

Enterprise's vision: Leading one-stop plastic solutions globally

Core value: Down-to-earth

Action conception: Do it better than talk

Servicing conception: Customers are the foremost

Costing conception: Saving one dollar is much easier than get one dollar, earning money by your work, saving money by your wisdom.

Cooperative conception: Loop valuable things, be intelligent better than suspected.

Innovative conception: We ask for better

Employing conception: Meritocratic, talents precede others

Managerial conception: Focus on processing,review the results.

Executive conception: Do it without excuses

Self-discipline: Company asks staff probity, anti-corruption strongly.

Business conception: Enhance together, co-development

Affairs: The principle of openness, fairness and justice, do not mix the interpersonal relations while you are doing anything.