Core conceptions:

Enterprise's mission: Keeping our customers successful
Enterprise's vision:Global leading one-stop plastics solutions provider 
Core value: Down-to-earth 
Business philosophy: Develop together, enhance together. 
H& R concept: Competency-oriented, give full scope to the talents
Action Concept: Do it better than talk
Service Concept: Help others, help yourself
Cost Concept: Saving one dollar is much easier than get one dollar, earning money by your work, saving money by your wisdom.
Cooperation Concept: Double win lie in joint efforts and sincerity, wise is better than clever
Innovation Concept: We ask for better
Management Concept: Excellent performance results from inspection in process and focus on result evaluation
Execution Concept: Result-oriented, refuse any excuse
Integrity Concept: Integrity is the preservation of cultural system
Affairs handling: Public and private apart,Emotion and rationality apart,Personal and business apart