The 16th Annual Supplier Conference hosted successfully

Mar 30, 2018, the 16th Annual Supplier Conference hosted at the first floor of the building TKA, the Chairman of TK Group (Holdings) Limited Mr. Li Pui Leang, CEO Mr. Yung Kin Cheung Michael, Executive Director Mr. Lee Cheung Yiu, CFO Mr. Cheung Fong Wa, Financial Director Mr. Yu Yao  Cong, HR Director Dianna Tseng, General Manager of TKM Godsend Lu, General Manager of TKP Mr. Lv Shu Zheng and other top managements attended the conference.

Mr. Li Pui Leung gave a speech in the meeting, “ TK Group got a very steady growth last year, we did such a great achievement not only depended on ourselves, it also included your tremendous support, by this chance, Chairman Li appreciated all understandings and supports from suppliers, and reiterated the fairness and anti-corruption are important cultures in TK Group. TK hopes expand our business via big data and automation, but fairness and justice are the foundation, we wish hands in hands to create this sort of platforms, make people gain business by their capabilities not using the interpersonal relations.

CEO Mr. Yung Kin Cheung gave a specific business introduction: TK Group`s revenue increased steadily compare to last year, net asset value raised 14.4%, some modules highly enhanced, like the Smart home, Personal Healthcare, Mobile and Wearable devices, mold and plastic businesses matched perfectly, both grew up very stable. Mr. Yung Kin Cheung made a general conclusion for the boomed business in 2017: continue investing robots for the mold workshops, raised the utilization of machinery, and initial product design for customers are key factors of succeed. Envision the strategic planning in 2018, TK Group will pay attention to the new industries and sketch business reasonably.

General Managers Godsend Lu and Mr. Lv Shu Zhen introduced suppliers the major functional organization and business status, highlighted the supplying chin and purchasing policy, also asked suppliers the highly quality requirements.

Financial Director Mr. Yu Yao Cong showed the great achievement via a series of key financial figures, he also introduced suppliers the system of Internet Supplier Platform is making cooperation more convenient.

Internal Audit Manager Mr. Xing Fu Zhi highlighted the confidentiality and probity,confidential agreement is so important for any cooperation, both parties need to stick up to it; probity makes a long-term and sustainable cooperation, and also the essential condition and best way for a fair cooperation. Mr. Xing once again introduced the complaint channel for anti-corruption, wish co-construct the fair platform with suppliers.

Conference reported the Supplier Satisfaction Survey, generally a good relationship between the TK Group and suppliers, TK Group will stay with suppliers to improve some sectors need to be changed. Attendants also scanned QR code of Wechat to communicate with top managements in the meeting. Conference announced the best suppliers in 2017: TKM-Dongguan Shenhong Mold Company Limited, HPS Hydraulic Cylinder (Shenzhen) Limited, Synventive Molding Solutions (Suzhou) Limited, LiYang Development (Hongkong) Limited, AkzoNobel Painting (Dongguan) Limited, Huidee Metal Suzhou Company Limited …Congratulations! 

Despitethe strong wind and waves on the sea, we are confident to drive boat to crossit. The year of 2018 is full of challenge, but it also a good harvest. We hopecreate a positive communicating platform with fairness, justice and openness,co-development and co-enhancement, supporting TK Group to be the well-knownenterprise in the world.