2019 Q3 Employee Communication Meeting Successfully Held

To enhance exchangesand communication of internal employees, promote enterprise culture construction, construct normal communication platform, and effectively implement the work of understanding, respecting and caring employees, TKHoldings held 2019 Q3 employee communication meeting at 14:00 on September 26,2019 in the report hall on the first floor of administration building, morethan 300 persons including executives, managers, top ten employees and employeer presentative gathered to attend the meeting, East China Affairs Department,Huizhou Affairs Department also attended the meeting by means of liveconnections.

The first part of the employee meeting is to thank the winning team and individuals in the lastquarter. Thanks to the dedication of these TK people to the company for a longtime and their diligence in their work positions, TK has made brilliant achievements.

Next, 5 new class colleagues in this quarter respectively introduce themselves, they are Ms.Zhang Xiaoyan, Deputy Manager of Business Development from Market Division ofSuzhou Injection Mold Affairs Department, Mr. Zhang Ming, Engineering Directorof Engineering Division of Suzhou No.2 Injection Mold Affairs Department, Mr.Zheng Xidong, Financial Manager from Financial Department, Ms. Xiao Xiaofang,Financial Analyst (administrative) from Financial Department, Mr. Yan Kunyong,Capital Construction Project Manager from Facility Planning ProductionDepartment. Ms. Zhang Xiaoyan cannot appear due to working, the delegates welcome their coming with warm applause. It is believed that they will do their littlebit to help common development with TK.

In the third part, Mr.Li Peiliang, President of TK Holdings shares the voice feedback link of the employee meeting. He expresses that it will be abnormal if an enterprise has no problem at all. No problem means no opportunity of improvement, and it is important to solve the problem after its occurrence. He hopes that everybody can be pragmatic in problem feedback, down-to-earth, not add or reduce,establish a benign cycle of problem exposure and solving mechanism, offer adviceto the development of TK and draw on the wisdom of the masses.

In the fourth part,Ms. Zeng Xieqin, Director of Human Resources Department, makes a brief statement and share about the complaint on WeChat platform. She mentions that by the end of the third quarter, WeChat complaint platform has accepted sixty-five complaints through various channels (thirty-nine management complaints,fourteen moral complaints, 12 safety complaints), in which which fifty sixcomplaints have been solved, and nine is being solved. She hopes that everybodycan keep concerning TK WeChat complaint platform, strengthen communication, andmake efforts to do various works in TK better.

The fifth part isemployee’s voice and suggestion, the delegates are involved in thecommunication by means of WeChat, the WeChat screen on the site collect sixtyfive messages from employees, respectively about the problem of dirty and messyenvironment of living quarters, recreation room, parking space, traffic at thewestern gate, expensive food in canteen, charging pile at southern gate,monthly full-attendance bonus, employee welfare, etc., the executives reply tothe feedback on the site. Due to the meeting time, the problems collectedbefore the meeting and problems collected at the meeting will be issued throughmail of the the whole factory.

TK is like a bigfamily, we work hard and sprinkle with sweat all the way. In the future, wewill be full of hope and faith, and it is believed that under the efforts ofall TK people, the tomorrow of TK will be more brilliant!