Shenzhen and Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Day

To strengthen Hong Kong youth’s recognition of innovation andentrepreneurship environment in Shenzhen, expand development space of Hong Kongyouth and promote Hong Kong youth to actively assimilate into the nationaldevelopment layout, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shenzhen takes theopportunity of “2019 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Youth Innovation andEntrepreneurship Exchange Day” to introduce the innovation and entrepreneurshipenvironment in Shenzhen and measures that support Hong Kong youth to innovateand start up in Shenzhen to Hong Kong youth through visiting famous Shenzhenenterprises, and reform and opening-up museum, conducting discussion, etc., andhelp Hong Kong youth find and grasp the opportunity of construction ofGuangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

On July 27, 2019, over 100 persons including Deputy Chief of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shenzhen Cao Saixian, Chief of Liaison Office of Hong Kong SAR Government in Shenzhen Deng Yuerong, Deputy Director General of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Department of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shenzhen Pan Ying and Hong Hong young students came to TK, and TK Chairman Mr. Alan P. L. Li, was invited to share opinion and suggestion on innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen.

The visitors visited injection molding 100000 grade dust-free workshop(built according to ISO class 8), automatic production line, automaticprecision mold workshop (flexible production line, realize NC and EDM automaticprocessing), the largest molding department--auto mold automation workshop, 3Dprinting workshop, etc.

After the visit and a break, the interactive exchangestarted. The emcee introduced the agenda of the meeting, leaders and guests. Deputy Chief of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Officeof Shenzhen Cao Saixian gave a speech. She mentioned that “Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Internship Program” had been conducted forconsecutive 4 years since 2015. As the key project that promoted exchange ofShenzhen and Hong Kong youth, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shenzhengreatly supported this program and initiated 439 enterprises to provide about3140 intern positions for Hong Kong college students and attracted 1328 HongKong college students to take internship in Shenzhen. At the same time, DeputyChief Cao Saixian also extended sincere expectation to the youth: “Under thebackground of construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, youthin Bay has new task and mission, welcome to add a new excellent chapter to thestory of Shenzhen.”

This event is greatly supported by our company and TK is certified as“Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao student internship institution”. Deputy Chief ofHong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Shenzhen Cao Saixian and TK chairman Mr. AlanP. L. Li handed over the plate of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao studentinternship cooperation institution.

Later, Mr. Alan P. L. Li extended warm welcome to the coming of Hong Kongand Macao Affairs Office, Liaison Office of Hong Kong SAR Government inShenzhen and Hong Kong youth and shared his innovation and entrepreneurshipexperience as the invited guest. First, he introduced the development historyof TK. The group has achieved the accomplishment over a number of “qualitativechanges”. The first stage is start-up stage from 1983 to 2000, and ourbusinesses have synergistic effect. We abandon the mold production with lowtechnical content and reserve high precision mold production with low profitbut high technical requirement. Industrial structure adjustment, businesstransformation is only a small step of “qualitative change” of the group. Thesecond stage is refining stage from 2000 to 2010. In these ten years, weestablished a set of perfect internal procedure control system and a strictmanagement system, and brew a mature corporate culture that meets social,natural environment, in which customer, supplier, employee and company candevelop and improve together. The third stage is the second start-up stage ofTK from 2010, and we aim to conduct specialized, precise, stable, strong andgreat business. At the discussion, Mr. Alan P. L. Li expressed his opinion onthe hot spots of current society, and he said that young students shouldestablish correct social value. It is normal to have problem, for the societywithout problem will be a society without vitality. Young students shouldweapon themselves by knowledge and exercise themselves by practice. At last, healso mentioned that TK is a new life bred by reform and opening-up, and theGreater Bay Area had favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions and isfull of opportunity and challenge. The competition in the world is competitionof talent, Hong Kong and Macao young students should utilize the advantage ofGreater Bay Area, make efforts in the development of Greater Bay Area,contribute strengthen and realize value of life.

In the interaction, Hong Kong youth proposedquestions on production automation, increase of individual income tax andenterprise development faith, etc., and Mr. Alan P. L. Li answered in detail:being intelligent is the necessary tendency of social development, and socialdevelopment will not stop or cancel the pace of intelligentization.Unemployment of worker is a painful process, but society has self-regulationmechanism. As young people, you should make preparation in advance, weaponyourselves and avoid being abandoned by the society. When talking about the enterprisedevelopment faith, he said: stay true to the mission and proceed withouthesitation. Consider six aspects of the company: employee, enterprise,customer, supplier, natural environment, society. Like tree growth needssunlight, air, water, soil, fertilizer, none is dispensable!

At the end of the discussion, Chief of Liaison Office of Hong Kong SARGovernment in Shenzhen Deng Yuerong summarized this event.

“Shenzhen and Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Day”aims to promote exchange and cooperation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macaoyouth in innovation and entrepreneurship, make more Hong Kong and Macaostart-up young people know the entrepreneurship environment in Chinesemainland, improve the start-up practical ability of Guangdong, Hong Kong andMacao youth, and continuously deepen the innovation and entrepreneurshipactions of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao youth. The event is successfullyclosed.