TK’s 35th anniversary celebration ends successfully in Hong Kong

[December 13, 2018 – Hong Kong] As one of the world's leading suppliers of one-stop injection molding solutions, TK Group (Holdings) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “TK Group” or “TK”, stock code: 2283) hosted a 35th anniversary party at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, and more than 200 guests from all over the world, including government officials, suppliers, industrial community, customers and financial community attended the party to share TK’s fruitful results in the past 35 years. TK also invited Mr. Yang Wei-hsiung, Director of Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong SAR Government and Mr. Andrew Leung, Chairman of the Legislative Council as the officiating guests to preside over the launch ceremony with Li Peiliang, Chairman of TK Group, Weng Jianxiang, CEO of TK Group and Dr. Zhong Zhiping, Independent Non-executive Director of TK Group.

Guests from all walks of life were present to celebrate the 35th anniversary of TK Group.

TK Chairman Li Peiliang (third from right) and CEO Weng Jianxiang (third from left) led Yang Wei-hsiung (second from right), Director of Innovation and Technology Bureau, Andrew Leung (second from left), Chairman of the Legislative Council, Li Liangyao (first from right), Director of TK, and Dr. Zhong Zhiping (first from left), independent non-executive director to preside over the opening ceremony.

Presiders and guests toasted together to the 35th anniversary of TK Group.

Mr. Li Peiliang, Chairman of TK Group, said at the opening ceremony that: "This year means much to TK Group, for it has been 35 years since the founding and 5 years since the listing. From the listing in 2013, TK's market value has multiplied and hit record highs. We have honored the commitments at the time of listing, with dividends of not less than 30%, constantly creating value for shareholders. All of you are friends of TK Group, and some are even stakeholders of TK Group. I am very grateful to you for your support to us over the years, and I also appreciate our partners and colleagues in TK’s development. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the distinguished guests and all my colleagues here." As for the future of TK Group, Chairman Li continued: "Facing the changing global situation, TK has been prepared to meet any challenges in the future. TK will spare no effort to promote corporate growth, and to pay back to society with better performance."


TK Chairman Li Peiliang delivered a speech

TK CEO Weng Jianxiang delivered a speech

Looking back, CEO Weng Jianxiang said in his speech: "In the past 35 years, TK has developed into a listed company with production bases at home and abroad, from a small workshop of 7 people in Hong Kong. Our injection molding and mold business has covered a wide range of downstream industries. For many years, our company has always been following the macroeconomic environment and technological development. In terms of business, we formerly customized molds according to requirements and customers were mainly Hong Kong manufacturers; now we have grown into a Fortune 500 company providing one-stop injection molding solutions and serving all industries in the world. Here, I would like to thank TK customers for their support over the years. In the past 35 years, the only thing that has not changed is that we have been specializing in the mold and injection molding. Mold is the mother of industry. We firmly believe that this industry will never be out of date. With the technological development and industry integration, TK will create greater value for customers and for the society and make its name more well-known. I hope everyone here can be with TK to witness another 35 years in the future."