TK Enterprise Culture— Propagation of Probity Sprit

May 18, an enterprise culture for the probity moderated by HR department in the 2nd training room in Building J, the purpose was strengthening the probity propagating and boosting the honest culture. The Chairman Mr Lee Pui Leung, Director Mr Lee Leung Yiu, HR Director Dianna Tseng, Audit Manager Mr Xing Fu Zhi, TKM GM Godsend Lu, TKP GM Mr Lv Shu Zhen, TKP Material Manager Cheang Zee Jie, and the representatives for TKP, TKM and the Best 10 Employees, over 50 attendees.

Organizational developing manager Mr Peng Chun retold the core conception of the enterprise culture firstly, and then Chairman of TK Holdings Mr Lee Pui Leung shared the honest conception individually, he emphasized that the faculty are full of positive energies, to create a platform with “Fairness and Equality” need everyone`s affords. Corruption is not meaning how much you gained, but means the reality is twisted, up-side-down. Destroying people`s ethics and values would be conducted the fairness and justice loss. He talked that everyone, every company and every country needs to comply with the probity and down to earth. Probity is the antiseptic, TK will not bear anyone takes improper benefit and encroach assets with their job titles.

Mr Peng Chun shared some corruptive cases in the past few years, those cases are worth to think and study. In TK, the probity is an untouchable redline, any improper benefit and encroach assets will be punished strictly.

Attendees also discussed and shared how realize the corruption and how to stay behind the justice.

Group Director Mr Lee Leung Yiu highlighted the corruption will be impacted yourself, relevant people and company, he called the probity not just for top managements or one person, need all staffs to co-work and monitor.

TKP GM Mr Lv Shu Zhen and TKM GM Godsend Lu also shared their experiences to everyone, telling people that the probity will make you get lost, everybody should position well, self-control well, gain what we paid, probity is not just the spirt requirement, and responsibility.

Representatives of the Best 10 Employees, Mr Chan Junjee, Ms Wong Fengjun, Lee Ping led attendants to pledge, calling for the probity and self-discipline, upholding the environment of Fairness and Equality.

At the end, moderator Peng Chun showed the forms for probity and personal incomes application.

TK knows the probity is so important, the “Fairness, Justice and Openness” won`t be existed without the probity culture, and TK is hard to develop healthily.TK people believe probity is the preservative for culture construction, we always remain ourselves and business partners keeping probity, strengthen managements and monitoring systems are the essential ways, prevent and suppress the corruption to construct a firewall for the Fairness and Equality.